Section One

8:39 PM
supercutie1101: You've been invited to this chat room!
Yasmin: Hi
supercutie1101: Hey
me: Hello
supercutie1101: Ok so our discussion ....
8:40 PM
Yasmin: Yes
supercutie1101: yes
Yasmin: This book is sooooooo gooodddd!!!!!!!!!!!
me: So, what do you guys think about the book so far?
Yasmin: I love it! <3 :)
supercutie1101: I think its really good and interesting ! Also, its makes you very curious about what's going to happen next !
8:41 PM
me: Same here, I think it's one of those books where it starts out good and has a great ending.
Yasmin: I know it makes you think really hard
me: Very true
Yasmin: I agree it doesseem like that kind of book
supercutie1101: I know right, but you really need to read this book to see what happens !
8:42 PM
Yasmin: Yup
me: Yea, you do. If you try to just go off the excerpt on the back of the book, you would be confused.
Yasmin: I wonder if she will find the murder
8:43 PM
me: I think she will because doesn't she keep having dreams about the inccident?
supercutie1101: I know right, I really feel bad for her b/c she like has to deal with her mom dead and then everything else.
8:44 PM
Yasmin: Same, I don't know what I would do if I was in her situation.
me: Yes, i agree, b/c she wakes up in a matured body, so she ha to get used to acting older.
Yasmin: It is amazin how she woke up from a ccomma after four years
supercutie1101: Same here Yasmine I can't even think of being in a situation like that :(
& I know right ; four years !!!!
Yasmin: It would horrible
8:45 PM
supercutie1101: Very
me: True, I thought that after you're in a coma for longer than two years, you have no chance of waking up. :(
Yasmin: And she also has to try and fit in with this time
supercutie1101: I know right, but I guess the book proved us wrong
8:46 PM
me: Yes
Yasmin: She has to learn about everything that ha happend in the last four years
supercutie1101: A LOT of things can happen in four years !
me: Also, she has to get used to her friend,Jen acting differently b/c she has grown up too.
Yasmin: A lot of things did happen. She didn't even know what punk was!
me: Very true, I agree.
8:47 PM
supercutie1101: I know right and her dad and everyone else in the family.
Yasmin: Jan h changed a lot acordig to Stacy.
supercutie1101: I agree .
Yasmin: If I was Stacy I would protest about being left home alone
me: I know right, I mean Jen comes to see her wearing makeup and looking different
8:48 PM
Yasmin: After what happened
Her name is Jan
me: Very true
supercutie1101: But Stacy just doesn't accept the present .
Yasmin: She doesn't want to
8:49 PM
She wantsto stay thirteen but she is seventeen
supercutie1101: I know right, she wants to live in her past.
Yasmin: At first thought she was in a completely dfferent body but then they said it was her body just four years older.
8:50 PM
supercutie1101: Yeah I for one found that really weird !
Yasmin: Same, I didn't excpect that.
supercutie1101: Like who thinks they're in a different body ?!?!
8:51 PM
me: Yea, if I wake up in a matured body, i would be pretty freaked out.
Yasmin: So would I
It would be creepy
supercutie1101: Super super creep !
Yasmin: Yeah
8:52 PM
me: Yeah, How do you think Stacy felt about her mother's death??
Yasmin: She was hurt, words can't descripe it
8:53 PM
supercutie1101: Obvisouly she must of been REALLY sad b/c its her mtoher for gods sake, but Stacy was there when it happened !
Yasmin: If I was her I wouldn't be able descripe it in words
supercutie1101: Neither would I .
8:54 PM
Yasmin: Do you think that the killer was someone she knew like she said
me: Yeah, I think she took it pretty hard b/c reading the book, she sounded like she was very close to her mother. I mean, i would not be able to live.
Yasmin: Same
supercutie1101: Amen
8:55 PM
me: I think it was someone she knew, b/c why would she have dreams that it was someone she mean't and she is going to start remembering the event.
supercutie1101: Yeah I was thinking the same exact thing.
Yasmin: And she also has to get used to not having her mother
me: Yes, very true.
Yasmin: She keeps thinking she has her mother but the remember s her mother is dead.
8:56 PM
supercutie1101: Well I think shes going to be in the hospital for a while but yeah I still agree
me: Yeah, what do you think will happen when she remembers who the murderer was?
Yasmin: She left the hospital already.
8:57 PM
me: Yea, she is home now.
supercutie1101: But she will still feel like shes in the hospital I mean come'on its been four years !!!!!!!!!!
me: True
supercutie1101: I know she was in coma but four years is four years .
8:58 PM
Yasmin: Do you think she should go the party with Jan?
me: Yes, i mean she should start seeing her old friends b/c it has been so long for her.
8:59 PM
supercutie1101: I doubt it, I mean she could but in times like this I highly doubt she would go, plus wouldn't you be scared if a murder that almost killed you is still out there !?!?!?
Yasmin: BUt t will be the sam thing with Jan, they will be different
supercutie1101: Very true
9:00 PM
me: I agree with Priya b/c I would be pretty scared if someone who tried to kill me is still out there, and he figures out that I'm not dead.
Yasmin: and she doesn't know how to talk with them w or how to party really
supercutie1101: Yeah if it was me I would never go for so many reasons.
9:01 PM
Yasmin: I would be scared to, he could be one or still be here , no one knows
I would want to get used to everything before I go to a party
supercutie1101: Yeah its very easy to be incognito now a days !
Yasmin: It is very easy!
9:02 PM
me: I agree, I mean if she goes to the party, it would be very dangerous. I mean, like Yasmin said, you don't know who the killer is. It could be one of her friends.
Yasmin: It could, you never know
supercutie1101: Also, wouldn't you really deplore if someone got hurt at the party b/c the killer/murder followed you to the party??!?!
me: Excatly.
Yasmin: She said the killer wasin hgh school at thetime
me: True.
9:03 PM
Yasmin: I wouldn't want to risk putting my friends or anyone else in harms way
supercutie1101: So basically, at this moment we're all agreeing that Stacy will most likely not go to the party ?
me: Very true
Yasmin: I would never be able to live with yself
supercutie1101: Same here
me: If one of my friends got hurt b/c of me, i would really never forgive myself.
9:04 PM
I agree
9:05 PM
Yasmin: Same, I do really know if she wl go o the party. I mean I don't think she should but she told Jan she would go even though shedoesn't want to.
*will not wl
me: I really don't think she should go
9:06 PM
supercutie1101: Yeah, way to many bad reasons !
Yasmin: Same butshe told Jan she would
9:07 PM
Sheisn't comfortable with Jan but I don't know if she wants to break hr promise to go
supercutie1101: She could always cancel.
Yasmin: True
me: Yes, I would.
Yasmin: What do you think about the whole school issue?
9:08 PM
me: I think it's really weird for her.
Yasmin: I agree
She can't go back to middle school but she des't know anything in high school
supercutie1101: Same, but the whole school issue is really crazy !
me: Because, she hasn't been there for four years. Also, everyone would be whispering and talking about her because she survived.
Yasmin: And being home schooled it to loney
9:09 PM
me: Yes, very true.
Yasmin: *lonley
supercutie1101: I agree, the only real friend she really has is Jan.
9:10 PM
Yasmin: She has the knowledge of a seventh grader not of a high scholler she it would b hard fr her to understand aything
Well she has other friends from before
The main reason is that she knows nothing about what they learned
9:11 PM
me: Very true b/c she hasn't taken school classes to learn everything she needs to know for High school.
supercutie1101: Yeah, from my opinion I think Stacy should just be home-schooled.
me: I agree, it would be lonely, but the best for her.
9:12 PM
Yasmin: Everyone will want to be her friend because of this and she had friends from before so that really isn't a big problem.
Home-schooled jus until se is caught up
*just until se
9:13 PM
supercutie1101: Yeah, but I don't think she or anyone would want friends from sympathy. You know what I'm saying ?
Yasmin: Tre
me: Yeah
Yasmin: *True
supercutie1101: Plus, home schooling is really good her, she can catch up, be safe and not worry about the whole school .
Yasmin: But she was friends with most of them before so she would continue being friends with them.
me: Very True
9:14 PM
Yasmin: Some people might want to be friends with hr just because of her situation thogh.
me: True.
Yasmin: Like eff
9:15 PM
supercutie1101: Yeah, like Jeff !
Yasmin: he wanted to meet her but she had no idea why
me: Yeah
Yasmin: I would wonder why he wants to met me
me: It's b/c she is becoming a celebrity.
Yasmin: True
9:16 PM
And Jan didn't even care that Stacy felt weird about it
She didn't want to meet Jeff
me: Why would she?
she doesn't know him.
9:17 PM
Yasmin: Ver true
supercutie1101: Jeff is like in the middle for me, hes on my good and bad side.
He's not someone I would trust right away !
me: I agree
Yasmin: True
supercutie1101: I think Stacy should be a little more careful.
9:18 PM
me: True, Jeff is a little suspicious right now.
Yasmin: She should but I think she is trying to be careful, Jan is making her do things she doesn't want to do
supercutie1101: Stacy needs to re-think everything she does twice, she doesn't know where she could land herself into .
Yasmin: I agree
supercutie1101: Yeah Jan isn't really helping either.
9:19 PM
me: Very true, I think Jan is trying to push Stacy to act older like a seventeen year old.
Yasmin: Jan is pushingher to do things she doesn't want to but I think this is because Jan doesn't understand how Stacy feels aboutthis situation.
9:20 PM
me: True, b/c Jan isn't in the position she is in. Jan has not lost her mother, or is about to be an aunt, or missed her sister's wedding.
Yasmin: Stacy should tell Jan that she isn't comfortable, she should put her foot down and not let Jan push to do something she isn't read for
supercutie1101: Jan thinks she knows what shes doing, but know really !
9:21 PM
Plus, Jan talks about her mom a lot in front of Stacy
me: True, i agree b/c she is letting Jan run all over her.
Yasmin: I agree completly, Jan doesn't understand Stacy's position right now
Jan thinks that everything can just be normal but i can't
9:22 PM
me: Yeah, Jan needs to stop and think about how Stacy feels about this.
Yasmin: She does and Stacy needs to tell Jan how she feels
supercutie1101: I don't think Stacy should really trust Jan or Jeff, I mean Jan is okay but Jeff ... I'm not sure about him
Yasmin: True
Jeff seems suspicous
9:23 PM
me: Yea, Jan is starting to seem suspicious for me.
supercutie1101: Same here
Yasmin: SAme
9:24 PM
Jan is pushing her too much
me: I mean, you're in the hospital then just came out of a coma, all of a sudden, your bestfriend is pushing you to go out and party. When you just almost died and lost your mother.
I'm sorry, but i don't thinkk any one is that cruel.
9:25 PM
Yasmin: I agree 100%
Jan isn't stopping an thinkng bout ho Stcy feels
supercutie1101: I think throughout the book Stacy will :
A - Find better friends
B- Jan and Jeff will become less suspicious
Yasmin: She is just thinking about her self
me: True
supercutie1101: Yeah Jan is pretty selfish.
Yasmin: yeah
me: Priya, I think neither A or B will happen.
9:26 PM
Yasmin: When Jeff said he wanted to meet Stacy Jan got excitied
supercutie1101: Well you never know if I had to chose one I would chose B though
Yasmin: He wants to meet Stacy not hang out with Jan
me: Why would she get excited?
9:27 PM
supercutie1101: Yeah so its like a trio of friends but its like Jan and Jeff are using each other and Stacy .
Yasmin: She likes Jeff becase he is cute so she got excitied but he wants to talk to Stacy not her
Jan seems to b using Stacy to get to Jeff
9:28 PM
me: I think that too.
supercutie1101: Yeah, I mean I think Jeff likes Stacy though.
me: I mean it's kind've obvious.
Yasmin: Jan seems hard to trust
supercutie1101: WOOH, have you ever though Jan could be the murder? It could always be a girl or boy you never know !
9:29 PM
Or Jeff ?
Yasmin: Jeff just moved there though
me: I thought the same thing.
Yasmin: nd Stacy remembers it being a boy
me: Oh yea.
supercutie1101: What if Jan was taking benefit or Stacy all this time and when Stacy and Jedd get really close Jan would try to kill Stacy ?!?!?1
me: I forgot.
Yasmin: AndStacy said the person was in hig scho
9:30 PM
Jan was ni the same grade as Stacy at the time
me: True
supercutie1101: Yeah I know Stacy said she remembers it being a boy, but four years ago ! She could e wrong !
9:31 PM
Yasmin: t seems unlikely that Jan or Jeff were the murderers but you never know it could happen
me: True, but if i had to choose some one, I would choose Jan.
9:32 PM
Yasmin: true
supercutie1101: I would chose Jan as well.
Yasmin: Well I guess we will find out when we ead morw
supercutie1101: Most definatly, I wish I could read some now ! Waaaaah !
9:33 PM
Yasmin: I know right me too! :'(
me: Same here.
So, this chat is almost done, any last questions?
supercutie1101: I think we should all go now, so we can be ready for our kick-butt discussion tomorrow !
9:34 PM
me: True
Yasmin: Yeah I was going to say the same thing
supercutie1101: Haha, well yeah any other things to say ?
me: :)
Yasmin: I think we covered pretty much everything
supercutie1101: I really liked this conversation :)
9:35 PM
Yasmin: It was good I enjoyed it
me: Yeah me as well, say bye to Ms.Spiezio
supercutie1101: Well, I guess thats it, goodbye my fellow peers <3
Yasmin: Good bye! <3
me: Bye Ms.Spiezio, hope you enjoyed our chat. <3
9:36 PM
Yasmin: Slee well
Bye Ms.Spiezio
me: Sleep well to you guys too.
supercutie1101: Yeah byee Ms.Spiezio <3 and Tianna and Yasmine <3
Yasmin: who wants to email this to Ms.Spiezio
me**: See you guys tomorrow. :)