Memoir Collection


“Yuck!” That was the only phrase that escaped from my mouth after I stepped into a mud puddle on our fishing trip. What a great start to my spectacular experiment. Yeah I wish. My dad whispered back to me, “Would you stop screaming? You’re going to scare the fish away.” I thought about it for a moment and questioned myself. You can’t scare a fish away with the sound of a voice or is it just possible you can? The only thing that I was concerned about, was getting that muddy grime off my shoe.
Later on, I realized my dad was right. It just so happened, that we caught only one paper-thin, cloud-white fish. This was the end to my spectacular day.

Busch Gardens

The sun was just sinking and I knew that the fireworks were just about to begin. So I exclaimed to my mother that we should hurry they are about to begin and we quickly scurried off, as if we were a pack of mice racing to get to the cheese before the other ones could to the bridge we had seen the previous day when we were there. We barely made it just in time. As I started counted down the seconds until the fireworks started I was gazing at the glistening water below us. Then the next thing you know BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The fireworks were going off. It was a beautiful, spectacular sight to see. All different colors filled the sky which made it look like a canvas with paint splashed on it. For a second I really thought it was. The fireworks were extremely awesome because they had one that was a smiley face. By far that was the best one that I had seen. Although, the one that was shaped like a heart was good too. After the fireworks were done my family and I headed towards the park exit to our car. Once we were all in and buckled up we traveled back to our hotel. I was sure this was a time I would never forget.

The Mine Trip

Before I knew it a hour and a half passed and we were at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. I Remember it as if it were yesterday. Well, that’s because it was yesterday. It was so much fun. First, I remember that we went into the mine which took two hours and, was so extraordinary because it had stalactites hanging from the ceiling that looked like sharp, edgy crystal icicles. Next, we explored throughout the first level of the mine. In one room, of the mine called the rainbow tunnel we got to search within a rocky; container that held different types of rocks in it and illuminated from a special purple light. When you turned the main lights off and let the ultra violet light on you saw your rock glow fluorescent. It was so spectacular! Next we got to see part of the museum. First we had a chance to take a quick glimpse of at some old remnants that were found inside the mine. For example, flashlights which were left behind and discovered, different types of stones and rock, and one rock in specific that was created out of 5,000 aluminum cans and a variety of minerals, which was awkward. Later, before we were just about to end our spectacular journey we ventured off to a fenced in area outside that looked like mountains where you could choose a rock from each pile. After that, it was time to head back home which was extremely depressing because of the fact that I was having a boat load of fun. As my mom was driving away I waved good-bye with a sigh.