“Step up, take your mark” a loud voice Boomed threw the whole swim area. I was poised on the block in starting position ready to lurch forward and plunge my body into 200 yards of pure work that lay ahead of me. In the few seconds between take your mark and the loud screeching beep which signals go I looked down into the glistening water to see myself shivering in fear and shock. Shock of being standing up on the block in starting position about to swim probably the hardest thing I have ever swam in a swim meet. I was shivering in fear because the challenge that lied ahead of me would either be my most accomplished thing I have ever done or be the exact opposite the biggest let down of my swimming years. Everyone was looking at me expecting to win, and I will not let them down. Suddenly the high pitched beep that I was waiting for rang through my ears and almost immediately I darted of the block. I plunged into the nice and peaceful looking water only to find that under its nice peaceful surface, the water was a freezing pit of hard work. Once my head broke the surface of the water I got focused, so focused that my hearing disappeared like magic. At this point all I could feel is the water rapidly flowing of the water passing by me. Now I was powered by the biggest argue to go faster than the other five people in the lane next to me. Once I rounded the 50 yard mark I felt sharp pain surged threw my body. This was big trouble for me because I still had to swim 150 more yards. I pushed myself to the 75 yard mark and did a turn plus started my under water streamline. But something I dread most happened to me. I needed to get a bteath of air to my oxygen deprived lunds. So I had to abourt my streamline to get a gasp of air. Now the only thing that drove me was the greatest sensation. The sensation of winning. I was surprised because I was in lane three the third slowest lane. This great sensation drove me to go on and go faster with every stroke I made. I reached the 100 yard mark and I did a flip turn off the wall and did a stream line satisfied that I finished half the race. But then I hit something called the wall. It’s when you get extremely tired and it makes you want to quite but you have to keep on pushing forward. And I did. I pushed forward. Usually I would hear sounds and things going on around me but it was deathly silent in my head but I knew it was extremely noisy. It was so quite that it was almost depressing. But it also let me think clearly. It let me see that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Like no one will be mad at me for not winning the race. But truly that is what I came there to do. Then I rounded the 125 yard line to see that one of my opponents was almost ahead of me. In a last act of keeping my lead I propelled myself forward. At this point the pain and it ravished me plus I was running out of breath. But I kept pushing forward determined to finish what I had started. Then my legs started to feel like rubber. It was so weird it was like my legs were numb. As a matter a fact they were numb. I rounded the 175 yard mark and started sprinting for my life. Squeezing every little bit of energy out with every kick. Now this race has turned into a die heart contest of who will win the race. Now me and my opponent were at a tie. But I couldn’t let myself give up and go home without succeeding what I came there for. So I darted ahead with my eyes close focusing all my energy on my kick and I touched the wall. And to my surprise I got first. Ripped my cap off and threw my hands up in victory.