School for me is always something exciting, and something that I always look forward to. It isn't just the learning aspect; school is where I have my friends. When people ask me how school’s going, I normally refer to my social-life, rather than my classes. Every summer I was super busy. Between summer camp, grandparents, and The Young and the Restless, I just couldn’t keep up! But not this year.
It was the summer before seventh grade. All I wanted was to hop on that bus and see all my friend again. I tried my very best to stay in touch with everyone.
Going back to school was a big deal. The excitement was just about to burst out of me! I definitely wasn’t looking forward to getting up at seven A.M, considering that I’m the sleep-till-noon type.
I didn’t think I’ve ever been so excited before. Of course I was a bit nervous, but I still couldn’t wait to leave that boring little house of mine. The night before school wasn’t so hectic. It really was a huge transition, though. Still, I was extremely excited. Well, until my alarm clock buzzed in my ear the next morning. Then, I wasn’t too excited anymore.
I rolled off my bed, suffocating my head under the pillow. I then switched on the television, hoping that the talking sponge would help get my spirits up.
I did the usual first-day-of-school things; combed my hair, brushed my teeth, put on pants; nothing different from any other year. I wasn’t really attempting anything special. School’s school, right? Anyway, my mother, as usual, insisted on me taking pictures with Zachary, my one year old brother. I’m pretty sure she didn’t understand the words, “Mom! Let’s go!” Was it that difficult to comprehend? Surprisingly, my mother was the one holding us up this time. But it really felt good to be off to school again.
The first day didn’t go so badly, actually, it was perfectly fine. I just couldn't wait until next year.