About me…
My name is Alyssa and I’m in Ms. Spiezio’s first
and second periods. School wise, English is my favorite subject and I completely and utterly hate gym. Other than that I’m really loud and outgoing. Okay, so bye!!!
What I like about English…
The one thing I really like about English class is
writing. I like writing creative stories the most. English was always my best subject because my father always inspired me to express who I am by writing stories and poetry just like he does. So, ever since writing was always my way of calming me down or letting out all my anger or sorrow, which made English, by far, the easiest and most enjoyable class for me personally.
What I would like to do this year…
What I would really like to do this year is
essentially improve my reading capabilities and maybe even my writing. I’m not very fond of reading that much unless it’s a book that I truly enjoy; but I would really like to read more. 
Things I love…
My bestest friend in the world: Samantha!!!
My little brother: Zachary!!!
My little sister: Alexia!!!

My kitty: Zoe!!!
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My Topp Besties:
<3 you guyz!