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Punctuation Prompt- Pareema

! - " 'The much- anticipated Miss Amandine Elroy- Bell!' my father called up the stairs as soon as he walked in the door. 'Reveal yourself!' Amandine's eyes widened. She took out her cakey red lipstick and blotted it over her mouth. Then fluttered down the stairs, holding a pose midway, actress-style. 'Mis-ter Blaine, the pleasure is all mine!'"

Response- I felt very shocked and confused for a moment when I read this quote. It seemed that Amandine wants to impress Delia's dad with her cakey lipstick and puffy skirt. Knowing her character, she seems to be more of a tom-boy, and this is a very awkward ironic gesture that she had done in the book. She truly wants to impress Delia's family. I wonder why she is going to the limits to do this?

?- " ' What's down the hall?' she asked. ' The bathroom.' ' No, the other room.' ' That? That's just my brother's room,' I said. My words tumbled easy as a throw of the dice. ' My older brother,' I added. 'You didn't tell me you had a brother.' "

Response- I felt very confused at this moment of the book. Delia doesn't have a brother, so why would she lie? Is there something to hide about this room? Or does she want to impress Amandine in this way? I am very eager to find out what this room is, as she had to lie about it. Will Amandine ask Delia's mother and father about this room?

,- " ' Aren't we all eating together?' she called sharply after my parents. ' As a family?'My ears strained through the silence that followed. I washed it out with my own whisper. " Amandine, I don't usually...it wouldn't be as fun... with them.' "

Response- I had to process this quote for a minute. Why does Amandine constantly call and talk so formal with Delia's parents? I was shocked when she said that she would rather eat with Delia's parents than her. Does Amandine not have a family at home? Is she sad, and wanting a family? Why does Amandine constantly follow Delia's parents, instead of hanging with Delia? Is this also why Amandine is being slightly rude to Delia?

Pareema's Response----

?- " I should wear the three colored one" Amandine Suggested. She did not explain why. Simply held out the flat of her hand. " No Way" Mary grinned, "It takes double time when you braid in the extra color. I'll keep mine, thank you."

Response- With Amandine's large attitude, Amandine requests and goads people to go with her idea. Mary and Delia usually comply to her harsh commands, but I was confused when Mary stood up for herself! Amandine got angry, but Amandine certainly spoke up for herself& Delia!

,- " One afternoon, Amandine walked up to my locker looking furious. Her face, usually flat and still, was plummy with rage. ' You might be right that Mary's a stupid B."

Response- I was certainly shocked about how angry Amandine was at mary! I need to process the fact that Mary could have made Amandine this mad! She was so angry, she used a innapropriate word. What could've friendly Mary done to Amandine? Was it even that horrendous as Amandine shows by her expression?

!!!!!- " Delia's big brother, Ethan, plays running back on the football team at Washington State, and she can't do any sports, either", said Amandine. "and she's not even that much of a brain, she's just regular." I'm in advanced math and english, I thought......"

Response- Amandine was being too harsh towards Delia. I was shocked, as friends usually defend eachother, not belittle them! She should not have conveyed this idea to Mary, as she made Delia look rather "dumb" or non acheiving.

Lauren's Response----

?-"And if Amandine didn't attend the assembly, who would I sit with in the theater? Samantha Blitz? That would be pushing my luck."

Response- This qoute makes me stop and think as the reader. This makes me think because Delia was just talking about how much she loved Amandine in the previous pages. Now, Delia is back to complaining about Amandine, and does not like her. Also, she was just being very nice to Samantha Blitz, and now she is complaining about her again.

!-"I believed her,and wasimpressed. Amandine had saved us. Her grace under pressure was enviable."

Response- This qoute surprises me. It surprises me because Delia always talked about how she could not stand Amandine. Now, Amandine stood up for Delia when two boys were teasing them because they were doing skits in the bathroom, and because it was something they were not suppose to hear.

.-" Is it absolutely dire?" She asked. I thought.I guess not." Because we're already late." Then forget it,"I said, biting my lip.

Response- This quote shocked me. It shocked me because Delia was so excited to get out of Spring Fitness. She realized that she forgot to tell Amandine. When she realized that she was already late to the Dentist, she acted as if it were nothing.