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View the Enviro-Off Project under the "Student Projects" tab! Click the group you'd like to view. When the image comes up, click the WHITE arrows in the BLACK tab at the bottom right corner of the page! Be sure to vote for your favorite!

Questions to Answer in Presentation
  1. What is the environmental problem your group has been researching?
  2. Why is this a problem? Prove this to me with FACTS and INFORMATION (graphs, numbers, charts, research)
  3. Who is causing this problem?
  4. Why are they causing this problem?
  5. Who is affected by this problem?
  6. What are the long-term repercussions of this problem?
  7. What can I do to help this cause?

Task Three Requirements:

1. Live Presentation
- Using Power Point, Prezi, or alternative to either
- Visual display in oral presentation
- No more than 10-15 minutes.
- Impact on viewer
- Creativity
- Color Appropriate
- Preparation
- Facts with citations
- Limited text, a reference tool
2. Images
- Include at least three of your student-edited images
3. Charts and/or Graphs
- Must have at least one slide with a either of these
4. Oration
- Are all members of your group speaking?
- Are all members of your group prepared?
- Are you well-spoken?
5. Student-created video
- Video PSA to demonstrate your POV or help explain facts and research re: your topic
6. Appearance
- You are dressed appropriately for your TA and your group looks professional, put together, and in uniform.
7. Hand outs
- Pens, pencils, business cards, pamphlets... do you have something to give your audience?
8. Facts
- Your presentation is a strong display of why your cause should earn my support. You use facts, numbers, and multiple persuasive strategies to convey your message to your viewers.
9. WOW Factor
- Does your group have something that makes you POP?

Task Two Requirements:

1. Generate a visual display of information
* Website, glog, blog, any type of multimedia home base
2. Must have links to articles for research!
3. Must suit target audience (Adults or Students)
4. At least THREE student-edited/created images
5. Must have MUSIC that is appropriate for TA and tone of piece
6. One video ripped off a website (YouTube, Google Videos)
7. Must show evidence of a dire problem and provide ways to help come to a solution
8. Include a podcast that creatively shows information
* Interviews, news report, radio show, etc.
9. Establish contact with an organization to get more information
10. Design and color choices must be appropriate for TA!
Sample Glogs from Last Year's Enviro-Off!

Greener Diet
Shark Finning
Orca Whales

Task One Requirements:
1. Determine group's topic
2. Create group name
3. Google Doc for the group (SHARE WITH ME)
4. Find five CREDIBLE sources to pull research from
-Places to Try: New York Times, National Geographic, Time, Discovery, EPA
5. Begin Annotated Bibliography
- MLA format (Google it!)
- 150 word summary of each source. What did the article say?
6. Create position statement
- Five paragraph essay about what your position is on your issue
- Use the research to support your issue and cite information in essay
7. Cover page
-Group name
-Group members

MLA Format Help!

General guidelines:

    • List entries alphabetically by author (if no author list title first)
    • Separate entries with periods
    • General format:
      Author, last name first. "Webpage title." Website title. Date published/updated. Organization/publisher. Date accessed. < URL >
Landsberger, Joseph. “Citing Websites." Study Guides and Strategies . 12 May 2005. University of X. 13 May 2005. < >.

When citing something in your paper, include parenthesis before the period and write the author's last name and title of web page!!


Penguins are the most endangered species on the planet (Spiezio, "Penguins Dying").

Basic Rules
Citing Websites

My brother swears by this, but I'm not sure! Let's see how it works!